Right in the heart of Farnworth lies our niche service. ‘The Hollands’ provides specialist care for substance abuse, physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

We have established ourselves by rehabilitating vulnerable men and women back into society. For residents with 24/7 care needs; we are able to home them permanently.

The Hollands is a pillar of Greater Manchester’s community. We have achieved accolades in our efforts to combat homelessness, alcoholism and substance abuse. We fully understand how hard it is to beat addictions, we warmly open our doors without any prejudice or judgment to those needing our help.

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Substance Abuse Management

We work closely with Achieve Bolton (https://www.gmmh.nhs.uk/achieve) who visit us fortnightly. We have programs to support methadone use and alcohol reduction.

Mental Health Residential

Our service accepts extreme mental health and challenging behaviours. We work hand in hand with Bolton Mental Health Services and Places of Safety, providing a safe place for those in difficult situations.

Care Plans

Our ethos revolves around each individual and what we can do to support them in having a more fulfilling life. The Hollands uses CareDocs for its innovative approach to electronic care planning.

Social Activities

Our residents have signed up to gyms where many of them enjoy swimming. They go shopping or visit the salon. To help with their rehabilitation, residents with their own consent attend support groups for addiction and volunteer to work in local charity shops.

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Visit - 2 Church Road, Farnworth, BL4 8AL

Email - hollands@sagecare.co.uk

Phone - 01204 574 386