Our Services

Our absolute priority is to ensure that every resident receives the very highest standards of care. To do this we ensure that our care is focused on each individual.

Because each person’s needs are different, in terms of medical, physical, emotional and even social aspects, residents need a package that’s tailored especially for them and which can be altered quickly as their needs may change.


Right in the heart of Farnworth lies our niche service. ‘The Hollands’ provides specialist care for substance abuse, physical disabilities and mental health conditions.

We have established ourselves by rehabilitating vulnerable men and women back into society. For residents with 24/7 care needs; we are able to home them permanently.

The Hollands is a pillar of Greater Manchester’s community. We have achieved accolades in our efforts to combat homelessness, alcoholism and substance abuse. We fully understand how hard it is to beat addictions, we warmly open our doors without any prejudice or judgment to those needing our help.

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Opposite the beautiful Saint Anne’s Beach is where you will find ‘The Belmar’; a niche service providing specialist care to young adults aged 18-65 with mental health needs. We are situated perfectly for local amenities and days out for our residents.

The room layout of our building is very sociable and resembles university student accommodation. Residents build friendships and spend time with one another. Our staff encourages independent living by letting residents make basic meals, visit shops, eat in restaurants and walk along the beach among other activities.

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